When you upload a new drawing, that drawing needs to be prepared for use within Countfire.

This initial drawing preparation step happens only once and the amount of time it takes depends on two factors:

  1. The number of drawings uploaded

  2. The complexity of the drawings uploaded

The number of drawings uploaded

If you upload 100 drawings, it’s going to take longer for them all to be ready than if you upload just 10 drawings.

Note: you only need to wait until the first drawing is ready to start work on it.

The complexity of the drawings uploaded

This isn’t complexity in terms of the scope of work or how many symbols are in the drawings, it’s the complexity of how the drawings have been designed and how that fundamental information has been saved into the PDF file.

Drawings are made up of elements, and it’s the total number of elements that affects how long Countfire takes to complete the initial drawing preparation step.

But, how long is it going to take?

With the vast majority of projects, it’s generally going to take between 5-10 minutes to process a single drawing—and Countfire will be processing multiple drawings simultaneously.

So you’ll generally wait about 5-10 mins and then a batch of drawings will be ready. You can then start work on those drawings and the remainder of your drawings will finish their preparation in the background.

How do I know when my drawings are ready?

When you upload drawings to Countfire they will be viewable in the drop-down menu in the “Choose” tab.

  • Any drawings that are still processing will be greyed out and not selectable

  • Any drawings that are ready to work on will be solid black and selectable

If any of the drawings appear grey, this means they are still being prepared, while all other drawings are ready to work on.

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