Making clean selections is a key part of using Countfire.

Clean selections improve Countfire’s automatic matching and also reduce the number of selections needed to complete a project.

Particularly when you are new to Countfire, reviewing selections as you make them is a great way to ensure your selections are clean.

There are two ways to review selections while you work:

1) Check the selection review box

After making a selection, it will appear in the selection review box.

By checking the selection review box after each selection, you can make sure your selection is clean and only includes elements specifically related to that symbol (IE: includes both the symbol’s body, and its reference).

If your selection is too complex, or includes unwanted elements from the background, you can open the editor (Shortcut = E) to correct it.

2) Check the previous selection in the editor

Another way to review selections as you make them is to double tap the ‘E’ key after making each selection.

The ‘E’ key is the keyboard shortcut for opening and closing the edit window, and double tapping it will quickly show the previous selection you made full screen.

In the above clip, the first selection (Type B) is clean, however, the second selection (Type A) includes an unnecessary element.

By checking this selection full size in the editor, it’s easy to spot the selection is overly complex and edit it right away.

To illustrate the importance of clean selections, you can also see that the overly complex Type A selection matches on just a single Type A symbol—once it’s cleaned up, and that unnecessary element removed, it matches on 124 symbols.

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