The shared Dropbox folder used to automatically sync Countfire’s outputs to your computer is deliberately set as a read only folder.

Why is the shared Dropbox folder read only?

There are two main reasons the shared Dropbox folder is read only:

  • So Countfire can save the output files into the shared folder, the folder also needs to reside on our servers. Because of this, we need to be sure about the files that get saved into the shared folder and as such, need to make the shared folder read only.
  • Each time you process a project, Countfire automatically saves the latest versions of the output files to the shared folder. To avoid a situation where a customer makes changes to an output file (e.g. the Excel spreadsheet) and then Countfire overwrites those changes with the latest versions of the output files, we need to make the shared folder read only.

How can I delete folders from the shared Dropbox folder?

Because Countfire automatically manages the output files that get saved to Dropbox, and will free up space on a regular basis, manually deleting folders isn't generally required.

However, if you have a large number of recent projects and need to manually free up space, please contact us with a list of project folders you'd like removed.

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