Making clean selections is a key part of using Countfire.

Clean selections improve Countfire’s automatic matching and also reduce the number of selections needed to complete a project.

Reviewing all selections within a discipline is a great way to ensure your selections are clean.

How do I review all selections?

A best practice workflow for reviewing all selections:

  1. Start at the top of your list of symbol headings

  2. Click on the first symbol heading

  3. Click “Edit” on the first selection saved underneath (to open it in the editor) (Shortcut = E)

  4. Use the up / down arrow keys to quickly cycle through your selections

  5. Edit any selections as you go, making sure all selections are clean

  6. If you make changes, click "Save edit" to save/close the editor. (Shortcut = E)

  7. Click the "Edit" again (Shortcut = E) to open the edit window again

  8. Continue to use the up / down arrow keys until you have reviewed all selections under that symbol description (note the selection numbering in the top right of the editor)

  9. Move to the next symbol description and repeat this checking process

In the clip above, you can see each selection being reviewed in turn.

The Type A & AE selections are clean, and therefore no editing is required, however, the Type B & BE symbols have some unnecessary elements, and these are removed as each selection is reviewed.

By reviewing all selections and ensuring the Type B & BE selections are clean, the automatic matching improves from 14 & 3 matches, up to 138 & 64 matches respectively.

And by using the keyboard shortcuts detailed above, this review is extremely quick to carry out.

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