At the end of every takeoff, Countfire automatically generates a check sheet for each discipline on your project.

Each check sheet presents all symbols that have been automatically counted, in an easy to check format, and are essential to review at the end of every takeoff.

Check sheets have the following components:

  • Symbol description headings.

  • Matched symbols.

  • Matched symbols with quantity multipliers.

  • Tooltips with additional information.

Symbol description headings

Any symbol descriptions you create in-app on the “Count” tab, that have selections below them which automatically match on any symbols, are given their own symbol description heading within the check sheet.

Matched symbols

All matched symbols that have been counted as that specific item are listed below its symbol description heading.

Matched symbols with quantity multipliers

Any matched symbols with quantity multipliers attached to them are broken out separately so it’s easy to see exactly what is being multiplied.

Tooltips with additional information

Each matched symbol also includes “Drawing name” and “Symbol position” information.

To view this information, hover your mouse over any matched symbol and wait a few moments for the tooltip to appear.

How do I open check sheet files?

Check sheets are .svg file types and can be opened using Google Chrome.

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