At the end of every project, Countfire automatically generates two output PDF files for each drawing contained within your project.

There are two types of output PDF files: 

  • Record drawings.
  • Symbols removed drawings.

Record drawings

Record drawings are a final representation of the work you’ve done in Countfire, and show the following:

  • All symbols counted automatically.
  • All symbols counted manually.
  • All lengths and areas measured.
  • All demarcations areas.

All items are highlighted with the same colours used in-app and in the Excel spreadsheet.

Symbols removed drawings

Symbols removed drawings are the opposite of record drawings and show only items that haven’t been counted (or have been missed).

These files are suffixed with “.rem” which stands for “Symbols removed”, and reviewing these is an important part of checking your take-off for accuracy.

In the above example, at a glance it’s easy to spot a symbol has been missed in the top right corner:

And then also easy load that drawing within Countfire to correct things.

Learn more

How to: Use Countfire’s check sheets.

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