With certain symbols, provided they look the same when rotated through 90 degrees, it's possible to tell Countfire you want to also automatically count the rotated versions of those symbols.

How does counting rotated symbols help?

Being able to automatically count symbols that are rotated through 90 degrees (provided they look the same when rotated), makes Countfire more efficient, and means you can count more symbols, with less individual selections.

How do I automatically count rotated symbols?

Typically, drawings contain many of the same symbols rotated through different angles.

The clip below shows the normal method for automatically counting symbols:

In the example above, there are 4 different rotations of the double socket symbol. By selecting them in the normal way, 4 individual selections are required to count all the different symbols.

However, if you hold the shift key while selecting a symbol, Countfire will also automatically count the rotated versions of that symbol too (provided they look the same when rotated).

Should I hold shift for all selections I make?

No. Because holding shift while making selections essentially adds 4 selections to your project for every one you make, you're adding additional complexity to your project every time you do it.

Best practice is to only hold the shift key while making selections of symbols that definitely look the same when rotated—otherwise you are adding unnecessary complexity, and potentially reducing the performance of your project, with little benefit.

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