On the “Count” tab, when you click on any symbol description, assuming you’ve made one or more selections underneath that symbol description, your selections will then be listed along with some other useful information.


Each row in the screenshot above represents a selection that has been made. Click "Edit" to open that selection in the editor.


The “Elements” column shows the number of elements that each selection is comprised of. Ideally, each selection should have the same number of elements.


The “Matches” column shows the number of symbols that have been counted on the drawing you currently have loaded & are working on.


The “Multiplier” column shows the current quantity multiplier factor that is being applied.


The “Total” column shows the total number of symbols counted after the quantity multiplier factor has been taken into account.

How can I use symbol selection list information?

There are a number of ways to make use of symbol selection list information:

  • Ensure your selections are clean by checking all selections have a consistent number of elements.

  • Double-check you have the correct quantity multiplier factor applied to the correct selection.

  • If you’re doing your final checks and need to correct a mistake, checking the matches column can be useful to see which selections are matching in the current drawing.

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