Items can be grouped together in Countfire to help structure information both in-app, and in the Excel quantities spreadsheet.

How are grouped items helpful?

Being able to group items together is helpful in the following scenarios:

  • When you have a single set of PDFs with a mix of disciplines (EG: lighting & power), and want to show the lighting and power separately in the Excel quantities spreadsheet

  • When measuring containment and you want to organise related lengths, bends and tees etc together

  • When you have a complex project with many items, and want to better organise those items

How to create groups

  1. Navigate to either the "Count" or "Measure" tab at the top of the page (Shortcut to cycle through tabs = W)

  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the "Create" button

  3. Click "Group" (Shortcut = G)

  4. Enter a name for your group

  5. Press enter

How to group items together

There are two ways to add items to groups:

Add an existing item to a group

  1. Click and hold the existing item

  2. Drag and drop it over the group

Create a new item within an existing group

  1. Click the group you wish to create the new item inside, or click any existing item inside the group

  2. Click "Create" (Shortcut = C)

How to remove items from groups

  1. Click and hold the item you want to remove

  2. Drag and drop it over another group, or over the ungrouped heading at the bottom of the list

How to delete groups

In order to delete a group, you first need to make sure it's empty.

There are two ways to empty a group:

  1. Move all items out of the group

  2. Delete all items within the group

Once the group is empty, hover the mouse over the group and click the "Trash" icon.

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