Once you’ve finished working on a takeoff, there’s a workflow for creating Countfire’s output files and verifying accuracy:

1) Process the takeoff

Learn more about processing a takeoff.

2) Download the output files

3) Check the accuracy reports

Countfire creates 3 types of accuracy reports:

It’s important to review all of these documents before relying on the Excel spreadsheet.

In particular, it is essential to review the check sheets on every takeoff.

4) Correct any mistakes

While you’re reviewing the accuracy reports, you may encounter a mistake that needs correcting.

Mistakes generally fall into five categories:

5) Repeat steps 1–4

Depending on how clean your selections are, you may need to repeat steps 1–4 more than once to ensure everything is correct.

6) Rely on the Excel spreadsheet

Only after you’ve completed the above steps should you rely on the quantities within the Excel spreadsheet.

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Processing a takeoff

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