After your project has finished final processing, within the Dropbox folder shared with you by Countfire, the following folders and documents will be automatically synced / downloaded.

Checks Folder

This folder contains a “check sheet” for each discipline within your project.

Check sheets are .svg files, and can be opened using Google Chrome.

Drawings Folder

This folder is broken down into disciplines and contains two sets of PDF output drawings:

  1. Record drawings—these are a final representation of the work you’ve done in Countfire.
  2. Symbols removed drawings—these are the opposite of record drawings and show only items that haven’t been counted (or have been missed).

Quantities Folder

This folder contains the Excel spreadsheet file which contains all the quantities/symbol descriptions for the project, broken down into columns according to any demarcations you have added.

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How to: Delete folders from Dropbox.

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