Reviewing Countfire’s output drawings allows you to easily verify you haven’t missed anything, and are essential to review before a project can be considered to be complete.

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Best practice workflow

A best practice workflow for reviewing the output drawing looks like this: 

  1. On your computer, open each output drawing in turn.
  2. Visually scan each drawing to check you have counted everything.
  3. Correct any issues in-app.
  4. Save and re-process the project.
  5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 until you have verified everything is correct.

In the above example, by reviewing each record drawing & symbols removed drawing in turn, it’s easy to verify all symbols have been counted.

It’s also easy to see that a “Switch” symbol has been missed, and this stands out very clearly on the symbols removed drawings.

Common issues

Issues within the output drawings fall into 2 common areas:

  1. Missed symbols.
  2. Partially matched symbols.

Missed symbols

These are simply symbols you’ve missed/haven’t selected in-app.

While checking the output drawings, if you notice a symbol you’ve missed, correcting that is easy:

  1. Open the relevant drawing in-app.
  2. Hide the drawing’s background.
  3. Toggle all symbols off.
  4. Zoom into the symbol you’ve missed and make a clean selection of it.
  5. Save and re-process the project.

Partially matched symbols

These are cases where you’ve made a selection of one symbol, which partially matches another symbol that you haven’t yet selected.

In the above example, a “Type B” symbol is first selected, and because Countfire doesn’t yet know what a “Type B1” symbol is, the matching algorithm partially matches on the “Type B1” symbols.

Usually, you would pick this up in-app by hiding the background,  hiding all matched symbols and then doing a quick check of the drawing.

However, below is how partially matched symbols show up on the output drawings:

Record drawings

Symbols removed drawings

Correcting this is easy:

  1. Open the relevant drawing in-app.
  2. Create a symbol description relating to the partially matched symbol.
  3. Make sure all symbols are toggled on / available for selection.
  4. Make an additional, clean selection, so Countfire knows what that symbol looks like.
  5. Save and re-process the project.

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