Occasionally, due to the design of your drawings, you may need to make overly simple selections (as opposed to clean selections), which can then increase your chances of false positives.

In these cases, the workaround is to create an “Ignore” symbol description.

In the clip above, because the design of the drawing only includes a reference for the “FCU” fitting, and doesn’t include the body of the symbol, the only option is to make an overly simple selection of the reference only.

Because Countfire’s matching algorithm is necessarily “fuzzy” to allow automatic counting, this overly simple selection generates a false positive elsewhere on the drawing.

It’s worth noting that with this specific example, the drawing has text like elements only (as opposed to real text) which is why the false positive matches on the letters "ECU" in the note (as opposed to only the letters “FCU”).

What is an “Ignore” symbol description?

An “Ignore” symbol description is simply a normal symbol description, named in such a way that you know to ignore it from your numbers within the Excel spreadsheet.

It can be named anything, however, a good practice is to name it “IGNORE” and prefix it with an exclamation mark (e.g. “! - IGNORE”).

The reason for the exclamation mark is to ensure it’s always listed at the top of your list of symbols, both in-app, and within the Excel spreadsheet, so you know where it is and can easily ignore it.

How do I create an “Ignore” symbol description?

  1. Create a new symbol description.
  2. Name it “! - IGNORE”.
  3. Change its colour to black.
  4. Make a selection of the false positive, including additional elements so it’s more complex than the selection generating the false positive (and is therefore preferred).

In the clip above, you can see first a symbol description is created, named “! - IGNORE” and then changed colour to black. Then, a selection of the entire note is made (60 elements), which is more complex than the overly simple “FCU” selection made earlier (3 elements), and therefore wins.

Once the selection of the note is made, the quantities correct themselves and there is no longer a false positive within the FCU symbol description.

Show “Ignore” symbol descriptions on the output drawings

Because automatic matches relating to the “Ignore” symbol description are just normal matches, Countfire will strip those out from the symbols removed output drawings.

However, it’s possible to force Countfire to keep these matches on the symbols removed drawings by adding the suffix “!Fixed” to your ignore symbol description.

With the above suffix added, and your full “Ignore” symbol description name becoming “! - IGNORE - !Fixed”, Countfire will then leave any matches related to your “Ignore” symbol description on the symbols removed output drawings.

Learn more about forcing matches to remain on the symbols removed drawings.

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