By default, Countfire will strip out any symbols that have been automatically counted, from the symbols removed output drawings.

This enables you to easily check you haven’t missed anything, by reviewing the output drawings at the end of every project.

However, it’s possible to disable this default behaviour for individual symbol descriptions, and force Countfire to keep specific automatic matches on the symbols removed drawings.

How can I force automatic matches to remain?

  1. In-app, select the symbol description you want to force to remain on the symbols removed drawings.
  2. [Optional] Change its colour to black.
  3. Add the suffix “ - !Fixed” to the symbol description's name (note the space, hyphen, space before !Fixed).
  4. Save and re-process the project.

What will the symbols removed output drawings look like?

For any symbol descriptions that have the suffix “ - !Fixed” added, Countfire will include those on the symbols removed output drawings.



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How to: Create an “Ignore” symbol description.

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