Countfire lists PDF files (drawings) alphanumerically, both within the main app’s interface, the manage projects page, and also as columns within the Excel spreadsheet.

Because of this, you can also force a particular ordering if required.

When do I need to force a particular ordering?

If your drawings have been named “Fourth Floor” & “Fifth Floor” etc, then they will be listed out of order with respect to their level numbers.

For example, in the screenshot above, you can see the Fifth Floor drawing is listed ahead of the Fourth Floor drawing.

If this is undesirable, forcing a particular ordering will help.

How can I force a particular ordering?

To re-order your drawings so they’re ordered according to their level numbers, rename them to add the level number in as a prefix at the start of the filename.

In the clip above, you can see the drawing is renamed to include the level number (EG: 04, 05 etc) as a prefix, and as soon as that’s added, they re-order themselves accordingly.

This ordering also propagates through to Countfire’s main app interface and Excel spreadsheet.

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How to: Rename drawings.

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