By default, Countfire automatically counts across an entire drawing.

If your drawing has a symbols legend, any similar looking symbols within that legend will also be counted.

However, this is generally undesirable, because symbols within the legend don’t form part of a project.

How can I prevent symbols within the legend being counted?

You can add a zone to tell Countfire you only want to automatically count within a specific area.

In the clip above, you can see a zone is added around the main part of the drawing, and which excludes the symbols legend.

Learn more about adding zones.

Why are symbols still being counted after I’ve added a zone?

Zones are only taken into account when you send the project off for final processing.

During this final processing, the Excel spreadsheet is created and it’s at this point the zones are used to determine what should be included in the final quantities, and also what columns to create within the Excel spreadsheet.

When you’re viewing a drawing in-app, the quantities shown on the “Count” and “Measure” tabs are for all matches/measurements, across the entire drawing.

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Finalising a project

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