Countfire has six key features that help speed up and increase the accuracy of your takeoffs.

1. Automatic counting

Once you select a symbol on the screen, the software’s counting algorithm will then automatically find all similar looking symbols on the drawing you currently have loaded.

Once you save your work, Countfire will automatically then automatically count similar looking symbols on all other drawings you’ve uploaded into the same discipline.

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2. Manual counting

Countfire also has a set of tools for manually counting symbols. Manual counting is a point and click approach, which allows you to manually count both symbols that are designed/shown on the drawings, and also items that aren’t designed/shown in the drawings.

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3. Measurements

Countfire also allows you to measure lengths and areas.

Measuring lengths is easy. Simply set the scale, and then draw over the top of the lengths you’d like to measure. Measuring areas is similar to measuring lengths. However, instead of drawing lengths you can draw around the outline of the area you’d like to measure.

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4. Zones

Zones split the symbols inside into separate columns within the final Excel spreadsheet. These can be used to achieve the following:

  • Remove unwanted areas of drawing (EG: symbol legend)

  • Split areas (EG: a landlord area and a tenants area)

  • Isolate items (EG: sockets on DADO trunking)

  • Partition off part of the drawing (EG: match lines for other drawings)

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5. Automatically counting revised drawings

If you've receive some revised or additional drawings, these can be uploaded and automatically counted using the work you've already done. You can do this by one of three options:

  • Option 1 - Upload to the same discipline (within the same takeoff)

  • Option 2 - Upload to a new discipline (within the same takeoff)

  • Option 3 - Upload to a new project

Note: Copying of symbol descriptions and selections required for option 2 and 3

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6. Excel spreadsheet

Any work you complete in the Countfire app will be quantified into an Excel spreadsheet once you process your takeoff. This includes any work on the "Count" tab, as well as all measurements and zones.

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