You can organise Items into groups so that you can view your data in a certain way E.G group all Items with the same name or all Items within a discipline together.

Groups can be applied to any columns and to more than one column. For example, this allows you to group by Discipline and then by Name or Kits, and structure the data in a way that suits you.

The column that has a group applied first will be moved to the first column in the table with all the information under it, followed by the second column to have a group applied.

Groups can be applied using the "Filter items" field or shortcut keys.

To group via the "Filter items" field

  1. Click within the "Filter items" field

  2. Add "group:" with the column name you wish to group. EG: group:discpline

  3. Add additional groups by entering a comma, followed by the next column name you want to group

  4. Delete the text from the "Filter items" field to turn groups off

To group using shortcut keys

  1. Click on the column or a cell in the column that you want to group. EG: click a "Power and Data" cell within the 'discipline' column

  2. Press "Command + G" (if on a Mac) or "Ctr + G" (if on a Windows)

  3. All information will then be grouped by that specific column

  4. Click on the next column you wish to group and repeat step 2

  5. Repeat step 2 on each grouped column turn off the grouping

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