Within your estimate there is a set workflow you can follow by using the existing views. However, you can also create and save your own custom views using the process below.

Configure columns:

1. Click the column icon to configure your columns
2. Add columns by searching for and selecting the columns you want in your view
3. Remove any columns by clicking the 'X' on the right hand side of the column heading
4. Drag the columns into the order you wish for them to appear in
5. Click save to the top right hand side of the column configuration modal

Add filters:

6. Add filters in the "filter items" field

Save view:

7. Click on star icon and enter a name for your view. (Note: the rules applied in the filter field will be shown below the name)
8. Press enter to save the view. This will then appear under "Existing views"

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How to: Bulk edit.

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