Occasionally, you may need to change multiple Item names to make them consistent. It is possible to quickly change information for a number of items at the same time in bulk edit mode.

As default, bulk edit works on all Items within your selected column. If a filter has been applied, then bulk edit will only change cells within the group that you have selected. If more than one group has to change, you will have to repeat the below process for each of them.

  1. Click on any cell within the column that you want to bulk edit

  2. Press "Command + B" (if on a Mac) or "Ctr + B" (if on a Windows)

  3. This changes the column heading to orange which indicates that you are in bulk edit mode

  4. Edit a single cell

  5. Click away from the cell or press "Enter" to finish editing

Note: You can undo any actions by pressing "Cmd + Z" (on Mac) or "Ctrl + Z" (on Windows).

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