You can edit multiple cells in data table quickly and efficiently using the "Find and replace" tool.

  1. Click the "Find and replace" icon

  2. Enter the text that you want to replace

  3. Enter the text you want to replace it with

  4. Click "Replace"

Note: the number of instances that will be replaced will be shown in the "Replace" button

Advanced options


If applicable, you can restrict the find and replace to certain columns.

EG: if you have a "lighting" discipline, but also a zone named "lighting" you can choose to only change the zone to a different name.

Ignore filter

By default find and replace is only applied to the cells in the current view.

Selecting "Ignore filter" will apply changes across the entire project.

Match case

As standard, this tool is case insensitive. This means that if you enter "type", it will also find "Type" and "TyPe". If you want to change it to case sensitive, you can select "Match case".

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