Within your estimate there is a set workflow you can follow by using the existing smart views.

Following this workflow is our recommended approach to completing your estimate as accurately and quickly as possible.

All items

This view shows all of your items grouped by disciplines. The aim of this view is to see the kits linked in each discipline, as well as the unit labour hours, unit material buy and unit material sell.

By discipline & drawing

This view breaks your items down into each individual drawing under their respective disciplines. The aim of this view is to give a deeper insight of the buy / sell of all items on specific drawings and disciplines as a whole.

Workflow 1: link kits

This view shows all the items that do not have kits linked to it. Once you link a kit, it will be removed from the list. The aim is to have an empty view, so that you know all items have kits linked to them.

Workflow 2: confirm auto linked kits

One of Countfires main features is auto linking.

Wherever possible, kits will be automatically linked based on previous projects. IE: if you use a certain kit for your "Switch" in multiple projects, Countfire will link it automatically on subsequent projects.

The aim of this view is to double check and confirm all autolinked kits.

Workflow 3: review profit

This view shows the profit you are making on the project. Profit is added and can be edited in the "Products" page. The aim of this view is to review the profits and edit them if needed.

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