A kit is a product, or group of products, that can be linked to items. They are an essential part of pricing an estimate. It is important to keep all data within kits clean and accurate.

The kit editor includes the fields which should be filled in as accurately as possible. This information will be helpful in the future when preparing reports and obtaining any prices needed.

Within the kit editor, you can also search for existing kits / products. If you cannot find the kit / product you want to use, you can create them using the process below:

  1. Click kit cell

  2. Add product description, manufacturer and part code if known

  3. Add material buy and labour hours (Note: These can be left blank if not known and added at a later date)

  4. If additional products are required for the kit, click "Create new product" and repeat step 2-3

  5. Click "Create kit"

Once a kit is created for an item, it will auto link it to other items with the same name.

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How to: Edit a kit.

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