By cloning a kit you can avoid having to create a kit from scratch when you have already created a similar kit.

It is a quick and easy way of copying an existing kit to another item, where you can then make changes.

  1. Click in a kit cell

  2. Click "Clone"

  3. By default "Clone of" will be added to the cloned kits name, which you can then edit

  4. Make any changes needed (Note: this will not change other kits)

  5. Click "Create kit"

In the example above, a kit has been created for a "Socket" with the switched socket, plate, backbox etc. However, on the "basement level" the plate product needs to be changed from plastic to chrome.

Once this kit has been cloned, the plate product can be edited, and all other Sockets on the project will remain with the plastic plate.

(Note: There will now be two separate plate products to choose from on your projects going forward)

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