Once you have completed an estimate you can download a report from either the Items or the Products page.

Due to the flexible nature of Countfire, the report structure does not need to be organised until the end of the estimate.

Using the column chooser and filters, you can structure your report in a format that suits your pricing schedule. This is done by:

  1. Add columns by searching for and selecting columns in the column confirgurator

  2. Add filters in the "filter items" field

  3. Click the download button

The Items page can be used for general information needed for your pricing schedule, or any reports to send to customer, managers or supervisors.

The Products page can be used for Bill of Materials, or getting updated prices from manufacturers.

All reports will be downloaded directly and also saved to the listing on the Reports page. Beside the reports, a yellow warning will appear if the report does not include all data in the project.

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