Countfire's main aim is to automate as much of your estimate as possible. We do this by automatically linking kits and prices in your estimates based on your previous estimates.

Auto linking kits

Countfire automatically links kits to your items using kits previously used, either within the same project or other projects.

It will select a kit / product based on this order of preference:

  • used inside the current estimate

  • from other estimate revisions in the same project

  • from any estimate outside the project

If we detect high variability in linking (EG: Type A light fitting will be different for each pricing schedule) we will not auto link for those items because it is not possible to know the correct kit to use.

Auto linking prices

Prices are also auto linked to products. We do this by using the prices from previous estimates when the same product is used on a new estimate.

When the prices are updated, they will be reflected the next time the product is used in a new estimate.

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