What are joined symbols?

These are separate symbols that aren't able to be selected properly, because part or all of the symbol is joined to a different symbol, elsewhere on the drawing.

In the clip above, you can see a selection is made of the "Type EM" symbol, however, because part of that symbol is joined to a different symbol elsewhere, the result is an incomplete selection (of the "EM" reference only), and a clean selection is not possible.

Additionally, by making a larger selection which includes all joined symbols, and then editing those symbols, you can see the body of the Type EM symbol is joined to the body of the other Type EM symbols.

Why are joined symbols problematic?

Joined symbols are problematic because selecting them often results in incomplete selections. These prevent you from making clean selections and can in turn, reduce the efficiency of Countfire's automatic counting.

How can I correct joined symbols?

Follow these steps to unjoin all symbols, across all drawings, within a discipline:

  1. Navigate to the "Takeoff page"

  2. Click on the three dots on the right of the discipline containing joined symbols

  3. Click "Unjoin symbols"

Note: Because unjoining symbols works by breaking up, or "exploding" joined symbols into smaller parts, this fundamental change can result in changes to quantities on takeoff where you have already started selecting symbols for automatic counting.

Should I unjoin symbols on every takeoff I work on?

No. Because unjoining symbols works by breaking up symbols into smaller parts, which increases the complexity of the PDF file. Best practice is to only unjoin symbols on drawings that definitely have joined symbols, and those symbols are preventing you from making complete & clean selections.

Can I rejoin symbols?

Yes. The process is the same as unjoining symbols above, however, because the symbols on the drawings within your discipline have already been unjoined, the button will instead read "Rejoin symbols".

Are there any important considerations when unjoining symbols?

Yes. If you have already started automatically counting symbols, there is a chance that unjoining symbols will cause some of your existing selections to no longer match.

As a best practice rule, if you have already started making selections for automatic counting, and you then unjoin symbols, you should do a quick sense check and review each drawing to make sure your previous selections are still matching.

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