There are five ways to access support and learn how to get the most from Countfire.

  • Screen hints

  • Real time accuracy notifications

  • Help centre

  • In-app support

  • 1-2-1 training sessions

Screen hints

These are bite sized notes explaining Countfire's different components and controls.

You can control whether screen hints are shown by turning them on / off from the "Help" tab (Shortcut = H).

Real time accuracy notifications

These are real time notifications aimed at surfacing selections that might be working against you.

The notifications will automatically appear next to potentially problematic selections.

Help centre

This is a knowledge base containing collections of articles that help understand how to use Countfire.

You can access the help centre from the "Help" tab, or by visiting:

In-app support

This is our primary method of providing active customer support and is accessed by clicking on the orange button to the bottom right of your screen.

If your question isn't answered by looking at the screen hints (Shortcut = H) or searching within the help centre, the next step is to ask us directly.

If you can’t see the in-app support widget, it may be blocked for some reason. Follow these steps to unblock it.

1-2-1 training session

An in depth training session can be organised with one of our product specialists. This can cover anything, from training on new features, to how to resolve any issues you have encountered on your projects.

If you wish to book a session with one of the product specialists, please follow this link or ask via the in-app chat support.

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