When compared with manual take-offs, there are a number of key differences to completing a project within Countfire.

In particular, because Countfire has a checking process baked in, it's essential to check for accuracy and correct any mistakes before a project can be considered complete.

Project completion workflow

The workflow for completing a project in Countfire has a number of defined stages, all of which need to be completed before relying on the quantities within the final Excel spreadsheet.

Stage 1: Upload project

This stage involves:

  1. Creating a new project within Countfire

  2. Creating a structure of disciplines appropriate for your project

  3. Uploading PDF drawings to the relevant disciplines

  4. Waiting for the initial preparation step

  5. Checking new drawings before starting work

  6. [Optional] Adding drawing titles

Definition of done: Drawings that have similar symbols have been grouped together and uploaded to their own disciplines (Lighting, Power etc) and the drawings are ready to work on in-app.

Stage 2: Do initial take-offs

This stage involves:

  1. Loading each drawing in-app

  2. Selecting symbols for automatic counting

  3. Adding linear & area measurements

  4. Adding zones

  5. Checking each drawing in-app

Definition of done: No symbols remain on any drawings, measurements and zones have been added and each drawing has had an initial check for accuracy and completion.

Stage 3: Process project

This stage involves:

  1. Sending the project off for final processing

  2. Receiving the output files via Dropbox

Definition of done: A complete and up-to-date set of output files have been successfully synced to your computer via Dropbox.

Stage 4: Check accuracy

This stage involves:

  1. Reviewing the check sheets

  2. Reviewing the record drawings

  3. Reviewing the symbols removed drawings

Definition of done: All accuracy reports have been reviewed and any mistakes noted for correction.

Stage 5: Correct mistakes

This stage involves:

  1. Correcting selections made under the wrong symbol description

  2. Correcting any false positives

Definition of done: Stages 4 & 5 have been repeated until all mistakes have been corrected and you are satisfied the project is accurate.

Stage 6: Project complete

This stage involves:

  1. Locate the Excel spreadsheet within Dropbox

  2. Make use of the Excel spreadsheet

Definition of done: All previous stages complete, you're making use of the numbers within the Excel spreadsheet and you have a high level of confidence in the accuracy of the project.

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