If you use Countfire's itemise measurement tool to break individual measurements out into their own separate lines within the Excel spreadsheet, depending on your project, this can result in a fairly large spreadsheet, with a significant amount of individual measurements items.

How does summarising measurement items help?

Being able to summarise those individual items and group them around a set number of lengths can be helpful when entering quantities into your estimating software, or raising quotations from the market.

For example:

  • You measure a project's luminaire leads, and know these leads come in 3m, 5m & 7m lengths. You round and summarise all individual lead measurements to those set lengths, making ordering the required leads easy.
  • You measure a project's underfloor busbar, and know these busbars come in 1.2m, 2.4m & 3.6m lengths. You round and summarise all individual busbar measurements to those set lengths, making entering these busbar lengths into your estimating software easy.

How do I summarise measurement items?

  1. Download this measurement item summary template

2. Copy the sheet named "Summary (SHEET_NAME)" over to your Countfire Excel spreadsheet

3. Follow the spreadsheet's instructions and replace each field so the summary sheet is pointing towards the source sheet, and each measurement item has a name and rounding length

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