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Copying items from a previously completed project, or template project, lets you use existing work and apply it to new projects, that you haven’t yet started.

This is particularly helpful when dealing with revised drawings, and also new projects that use the same types of symbols as an existing project.

What items can I copy?




When would I copy just the item headings?

Copying just the item headings (and not any selections, measurements or demarcation areas saved underneath them) is useful when you're starting a new project, that isn't related to any previous work you've done.

You can copy across just the item heading names, which saves you from typing them all out again.

When would I copy selections, measurements or demarcation areas?


You would copy selections across when you had a new set of drawings that contained the same symbols as a previously completed set of drawings. For example:

  1. You receive an addendum containing revised drawings on a project you’ve already completed
  2. You receive construction issue drawings on a project you’ve already completed
  3. You receive new drawings on a new project, where the consultant is the same as a previously completed project, and that consultant has used the same symbols within their design


You would copy measurements when you want to duplicate manually added linear lengths, areas or manual points, to one or more drawings. For example:

  1. You have a lighting discipline that you've added a containment system to, and you want to also show that containment system on the power drawings.

Demarcation areas

You would copy demarcation areas when you want to selectively duplicate those areas to other drawings. For example:

  1. Your PDFs are designed so a single floor is spread across two sheets, and you have added demarcation areas to prevent duplication between those sheets. You can do one copy operation to selectively copy the sheet 1 demarcation area up the building, and then a second copy operation to copy the sheet 2 demarcation area.

How do I copy items?

  1. From the “Choose” tab, click “Manage Projects”
  2. Click "Copy items"
  3. Select source and destination projects
  4. Select source and destination disciplines
  5. Choose what items to copy
  6. If you're copying measurements or demarcation areas, you can also choose to map them to specific drawings
  7. Click "Copy"

Note: items will only be copied if the destination discipline does not already contain any items.

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