1. From the “Choose” tab, click “Manage projects”
  2. Enter a name for your project and press the “Enter” key
  3. Projects are broken down into disciplines. Your aim is to group all drawings together that have similar symbols (EG: upload all your lighting drawings to a “Lighting” discipline, upload all your power drawings to a “Power” discipline)
  4. Enter a name for your discipline and press the “Enter” key
  5. Locate your PDF drawing files on your computer and drag and drop them onto the file upload drop zone
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have created disciplines and uploaded files for all the drawings you're working on

(Note: Please do not refresh or leave the page while the orange progress bars are still visible, as these PDF's have not been uploaded fully yet)

Every PDF file uploaded to Countfire needs to complete an initial preparation step (5-10 mins).

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How to: Add PDFs with multiple pages.

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