As default, Countfire cycles through a specific list of colours for each new symbol created. However, you can change the colour using the process below:

  1. Click on the symbol’s current colour (located to the left of the symbol’s description)

  2. Select a new colour from the palette

  3. Click "Save" to save the changes (Shortcut = A)

Additional options

There are 3 special options on the left hand side within the colour picker:

  • Black

  • Yellow

  • Random

When you select any of these 3 options, it will be applied on that symbol, as well as used for each newly created symbol description.

EG: Picking the yellow colour for one symbol will make the next created symbol colour yellow. (Note: these can be changed at any time)

The random colour option will automatically pick a colour that is not already in the colour palette for each symbol created. If you do not want to use the colour that is picked, you can click the button again and it will generate a different colour.

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