What are elements?

Elements are all the different parts that make up an individual symbol.

For example, the two symbols below are both made up of 6 different parts, or “elements”:

How do I tell how many elements are in a selection?

Beneath each symbol description are all the selections associated with that particular symbol, and adjacent to each selection, is a number showing how many elements are in that particular selection.

Symbol selections, elements and clashes

Countfire partially uses elements to find other similar symbols. This means if you select a symbol, but also accidentally include an element from a different symbol, this will cause a “clash” in which only one of the symbols will “win” (with the other remaining uncounted/unhighlighted).

For example, if you selected the top symbol below, but accidentally draw your selection large enough to include an element from the symbol beneath it, this would cause a clash as symbols can’t share elements in this way.

I have a clash, how do I fix it?

Fixing clashes is easy:

1) Find the selection which contains the additional element that you would like to remove and click “Edit” (in the below example, the selection with the count of 9 contains the element to remove).

2) Deselect the additional element from the selection (learn more about deselecting elements).

3) Click “Done” (Shortcut = E).

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