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It’s possible to copy demarcations from one drawing to all other drawings within a discipline.

This is useful when you have a number of drawings, that all require the same demarcations, and saves you from having to individually draw them on each one.

How does copy demarcations work?

  • The “Copy Demarcations” button will copy all demarcations from the drawing you currently have loaded, to all other drawings within the same discipline, that don’t already have any demarcations.

How can I copy demarcations?

1) On a single drawing, create the demarcations you would like to copy. Take care to draw your demarcation areas in such a way that they will be suitable when copied to other drawings in the same discipline.

2) Make sure you have saved your new demarcations (Shortcut = A)

3) On the “Choose” tab, click the “Copy Demarcations” button.

4) A notification at the bottom left will tell you how many drawings your demarcations were copied to. 

Check your copied demarcations work

Because copying demarcations is just a simple copy operation, you'll need to do a sense check on each drawing that you've copied a demarcation to, and make sure that the copied demarcation fits the requirements of that particular drawing.

For example, occasionally the layout of the drawing will move position between drawings, or maybe you have a sheet 1 of 2, sheet 2 of 2 scenario, and in those cases, the demarcations you have copied might not fit.

In those cases, you’ll need to delete the individual demarcation area that doesn’t fit and re-draw it so it does work on that particular drawing.

Note: take care not to delete the demarcation heading, as this will also delete all demarcations areas saved underneath it, from all drawings (learn more).

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