Not sure what zones are? Read this first.

It’s possible to copy zones from one drawing to another.

This is useful when you have a number of drawings that all require the same zones, and saves you from having to individually draw them on each one.

It's also possible to copy zones between drawings in different disciplines.

Before you begin

Before copying zones, it's important to ensure your zones are drawn in a way that they will be suitable when copied to other drawings.

We recommend making the areas large enough that they include the whole working area (rather than tracing closely around the building outline). This will allow them to cover building outlines that shift from drawing to drawing.

How can I copy zones?

There are two options for copying zones depending on your needs:

Option 1: copying from one drawing to every other drawing in the discipline

This option copies all zones from the drawing you currently have loaded, to all other drawings within the same discipline.

Note: zones will not copy to any drawings that already have zones

1) On a single drawing, create the zones

2) Make sure your new zones are saved (Shortcut = A)

3) On the “Choose” tab, click the “Copy zones” button

4) A notification at the bottom left will tell you how many drawings your zones were copied to.

Option 2: copying zones on a per drawing basis between disciplines

"Copy items" allows more detailed control over copying between drawings and disciplines.

This can be done with this workflow:

  1. Navigate to the "Takeoffs" page

  2. Click the advanced options (3 small dots to the right of the discipline name)

  3. Click "Copy items"

  4. Select source takeoff and discipline

  5. Under the "Zone" section, choose whether you'd like to copy "Zone headings" and / or "Zones"

  6. Choose which drawing you want to map to the new drawings

  7. Click "Import items"

Note: zones will not copy if the destination discipline already contains zones.

Check your copied zones

Because copying zones is a simple copy operation, you'll need to do a sense check to make sure the copied zones fit the requirements of each drawing they've been copied to.

For example, occasionally the layout of the drawing will move position between drawings, or maybe you have a sheet 1 of 2, sheet 2 of 2 scenario, and in those cases, the zones you've copied may not fit.

In those cases, you have two options:

  1. Edit your zones so they do fit

  2. Delete individual zones and re-draw them so they fit

Note: Take care not to delete the zone heading, as this will also delete all zones saved underneath it, from all drawings (learn more).

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