What are some use cases for the linear measurement tool?

  • Measuring containment runs or linear feature lighting.
  • Measuring busbar, cabling and conduit runs.
  • Measuring pipework or ductwork runs.

How do I measure a length?

  1. Click on the “Measure” tab at the top left of the page (shortcut to cycle through tabs = W).
  2. Set a scale for your drawing (learn more about setting a scale).
  3. Click “Create” (shortcut = C).
  4. Type the description for your linear measurement.
  5. Click “Length” to change this measure type to be a linear measurement (as opposed to an area or point / manual count).
  6. Switch to selection mode by clicking “Select" (shortcut = S) until the mouse cursor turns into a crosshair.
  7. Draw the line you require by clicking at the start, on each bend or turn, and then finally at the end of your line (hold shift to snap to a straight line).
  8. Complete / finish the line by clicking on the final node again (or by right-clicking)
  9. Click "Save" (Shortcut = A) to save your linear measurement.

How do I edit a linear measurement?

There are two ways to edit a measurement:

  • Right-click on a measurement while in select mode
  • Click the edit button to the left of the measurement in the sidebar

Once in edit mode, you can adjust the measurement in two ways:

  • Drag and drop individual nodes to adjust the length and orientation of the linear measurement
  • Drag and drop the entire measurement to adjust its position

What else can I do with linear measurements?

  • Hold shift while moving or resizing a linear measurement to snap adjustments to 90 degree angles
  • Add extra nodes by double clicking on the edge of a linear measurement
  • Double click existing nodes to remove them

How do I delete a linear measurement?

There are two ways to delete a linear measurement

Option 1

  1. Each linear measurement is listed on the left-hand side of the screen
  2. Hover your mouse over each measurement to highlight it on your drawing
  3. Click the “x” to delete

Option 2

  1. While editing a linear measurement, press "Delete"

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