What are some use cases for the area measurement tool?

  • Calculating the total area of a floor or level.

  • Calculating the area of an apartment or room.

  • Calculating the area of the tenants and landlords portions of a building.

How do I measure an area?

  1. Click on the “Measure” tab at the top left of the page (Shortcut to cycle through tabs = W)

  2. Set a scale for your drawing (learn more about setting a scale)

  3. Click “Create” (Shortcut = C)

  4. Type the description for your area measurement

  5. Click “Area” to change this measure type to be an area measurement (as opposed to a length or point)

  6. Switch to selection mode by clicking “Select” (Shortcut = S) until the mouse cursor turns into a crosshair

  7. Draw an outline of the area you require by clicking each corner in turn (hold shift to snap to a straight line)

  8. Complete / finish the area by clicking on the final corner again (or by right-clicking)

  9. Click "Save" (Shortcut = A) to save your area measurement

(Note: You can temporarily pause drawing an area measurement by pressing the "Select" button whilst creating the area. This is helpful if you need to pan around the drawing or zoom in / out. To continue drawing the area measurement, press "Select" again.)

How do I edit an area measurement?

There are two ways to edit a measurement:

  • Right-click on an item while in select mode

  • Click the edit button to the left of the measurement in the sidebar

Once in edit mode, you can adjust the measurement in two ways:

  • Drag and drop individual nodes to adjust the size and shape of the area measurement

  • Drag and drop the entire measurement to adjust its position

What else can I do with areas?

  • Hold shift while moving or resizing an area to snap adjustments to 90 degree angles

  • Add extra nodes by double clicking on the edge of an area

  • Double click existing nodes to remove them

How do I delete an area measurement?

There are two ways to delete an area measurement

Option 1

  1. Each area measurement is listed on the left-hand side of the screen

  2. Hover your mouse over each measurement to highlight it on your drawing

  3. Click the “Trash” icon to delete

Option 2

  1. While editing an area measurement, press "Delete"

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