What is manual counting for?

  • Counting items that aren’t specifically detailed on your drawings (e.g. a design and build project)
  • Counting items that are detailed, but not in such a way that you can use automatic counting to quantify them (e.g. containment bends and tees)
  • Your drawing is an image as opposed to a normal PDF that’s been produced by CAD software (images don’t contain the required information for Countfire’s automatic counting function)

How do I count items manually?

  1.  Click on the “Measure” tab at the top left of the page (shortcut to cycle through tabs = W)
  2.  Click “Create” (shortcut = C)
  3. Type the description for your symbol
  4. Click “Point” to change this measure type to be a manual count (as opposed to a linear or area measurement)
  5. Switch to selection mode by clicking “Select" (shortcut = S) until the mouse cursor turns into a crosshair
  6. Manually click on each item you would like to count
  7. Click "Save" (shortcut = A) to save your points

How do I edit manual points?

There are two ways to edit a manual point:

  • Right-click on a point while in select mode
  • Click the edit button to the left of the point in the sidebar

Once in edit mode, you can adjust the point by dragging and dropping it.

How do I delete a manual point?

There are two ways to delete a manual point:

Option 1

  1. Each point is listed on the left-hand side of the screen
  2. Hover your mouse over each point to highlight it on your drawing
  3. Click the “x” to delete

Option 2

  1. While editing a point, press "Delete"

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